Last departures & restrictions

For your comfort, we advise you to anticipate your feedback your trips.

Last Times for Metro

Lines First departures Last departures

to Vaulx-en-Velin La Soie

to Perrache
Vaulx en Velin La Soie00h00

to Gare d'Oullins
Charpennes Charles Hernu 00h15

to Charpennes Charles Hernu

Gare d'Oullins00h10

to Cuire
Hôtel de Ville Louis Pradel 00h25

to Hôtel de Ville Louis Pradel
Cuire 00h10

to Gare de Vaise
Gare de Vénissieux 00h15
Bellecour 00h30

to Gare de Vénissieux
Gare de Vaise 00h20
Bellecour 00h25

Last Times for Funicular Railway

Lines First departures Last departures

Funiculaire to Saint-Just
Vieux Lyon
  • 00h30
  • 00h00 (saturday)

  • Funiculaire to Fourvière
    Vieux Lyon
  • 00h30
  • 00h00 (saturday)

  • Last Tram times

    Lines First departures Last departures

    to IUT Feyssine
    Debourg 00h05

    to Debourg
    IUT Feyssine00h15

    to Saint-Priest Bel Air
    Perrache 18h30
    "Centre Berthelot" will be the final destination for Tram T2 as from 19:00 (18:00 sunday).
    Centre Berthelot 00h30

    to Meyzieu
    Gare Part-Dieu Villette 00h25

    to Hôpital Feyzin
    La Doua Gaston Berger 00h25

    to La Doua Gaston Berger
    Hôpital Feyzin 23h25

    to Parc du Chêne
    Grange Blanche 00h00

    Bus restrictions

    As of 16:00 on thursday 6 and sunday 9 and from 16:30 on friday 7 and saturday 8, bus traffic will be banned from the downtown to give way to pedestrians. The route of the lines below will be restricted as follows:

    Lignes Déviations
    BUSC1Line C1 is on detour between between the Part-Dieu Jules Favre stop in St-Clair - Square Brosset
    BUSC3C3 is running between Saxe-Lafayette < > Vaulx-en-Velin La Grappinière
    BUSC4C4 is running between Foch-Roosevelt < > Jean Macé
    BUSC5C5 is running between Foch-Roosevelt < > Vancia Château Bérard via Charpennes
    BUSC9C9 is running between Saxe-Bonnel < > Hôpitaux Est
    BUSC10C10 is running between e Perrache < > St Genis Barolles
    BUSC12C12 is running between Jean Macé < > Hôpital Feyzin Vénissieux
    BUSC13C13 is running between Saxe-Lafayette < > Grange Blanche and between Croix-Rousse < > Montessuy Gutenberg
    BUSC14C14 is running between Gare de Vaise < > Les Sources
    BUSC18C18 is running between Croix-Rousse < > Croix-Rousse Nord
    BUSC20C20 is running between Perrache < > Fort du Bruissin
    BUS9Line 9 is on detour between Pt Churchill R.D and Cuire - Métro C
    BUS15Line 15 is running between Perrache < > Irigny - Vernaison Place
    BUS19Line 19 is running between Gorge de Loup < > Ecully Le Pérollier
    BUS27Line 27 is running between Saxe-Lafayette < > Villeurbanne-Centre
    BUS31Line 31 is running between Gare de Vaise < > Cité Edouard Herriot
    BUS35Line 35 is running between Jean Macé < > Vénissieux Le Charréard
    BUS38Line 38 is running between Muséum < > Gare Part-Dieu Vivier Merle
    BUS40Line 40 is running between Gare de Vaise < > Neuville
    BUSS1Last departures at 15:30
    BUSS6Last departures at 15:30
    BUSS12Last departures at 15:30